Thursday, March 25, 2010

East meets West Fashion Show – March 27/28

A big cherry tree blossomed in the MEB main store :)

It bears a sign speaking of a fashion show. Better, a fashion meeting.
East meets West: five western brands go to Japan, to show their clothes together with five eastern ones.
The idea and the management of such an opportunity is by AGATA model agency, whose models will present outfits by Azul, Garçon, Honey, Pik Gal, Scars (for eastern brands) and by Miamai, Angel Dessus,Leezu, Hyper Culture and MEB Fashion.
SL has virtually no boundaries and no distances, but cultures and traditions stay alive in it and meet each others in a field so strictly bounded to people’s customs and tastes like fashion is great!
MEB is honored to take part and to contribute to this great meeting and to share with so great brands two days of good taste and beauty.
MEB will present there some outfits from its Spring 2010 collection.

Come to Tokyo, to take part in this great event!

East Meet West Spring Collection, MK Tokyo SIM
2 shows for people in different time zones:

1st show - Saturday, March 27 at 6:00PM SLT
2nd show - Sunday, March 28 at 6:00AM SLT

Thank you. LOLA: SOLD OUT @ PurpleMoon

More than 1550 Lolas have been sold on Xstreet and Inworld.
I want to say thank you to all of you who have purchased our best seller outfit since PurpleMoon Creations was born.
It wouldn't be possible without you out there, all of you own now an ORIGINAL LIMITED DESIGN by PurpleMoon Creations.

Thank you to those who trusted us and to those who didn't but they helped to make this ORIGINAL design a great success.

I am very happy to know that Lola will be worn by many, many, many avatars all over the grid. It will be impossible not to come across to one Lola in your Second Life Time.

Mission acomplished, dispite all the people who wanted Lola out of the grid, now she will be running all over.

RUN LOLA RUN!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BOOM SALE!!!!! Farewell LOLA!

Lola is leaving forever and she is saying goodbye with a boom! Get it today March 23th and tomorrow March 24th for ONLY L$25! Six colors available! (HURRY: LIMITED TIME ONLY.. LOLA WAS #2 ON XSTREET FOR WEEKS!)

Farewell Lola!

You don t want to miss this limited edition, it will never be sold again. A must have in every closet!
Main Store Limo:


Lola includes:

Shirt, Gloves and Pants Layers
Mini Prim Skirt
Flexi Multiple layer Skirt
Flexi Sleeves
Sculpted Cuffs
Sculpted Collar

Sculpted Black Leather Belt with a re-sizer menu for perfect fit.
Pair of "Lolita" in Black - Sculpted leather boots with sound (Menu to turn on / off and volume control)
Black Pearl Necklace "Rita"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"If it's green, it's L$50!!!"

To celebrate the occasion of St. Patrick's Day, PurpleMoon Creations will offer everything that is GREEN for only L$50.
This mega sale will start on March 16th until midnight on March 17th. Every item in the store, including complete ensembles, sweaters, shoes, cocktail dresses, jackets, boots, gowns that were made in GREEN will be sold for only L$50. All these items will have a little shamrock on the add to identify them more easily.
Some other freebies will be given away as well.

Spread the word: If it's green, it's L$50!!!

We would love to see you around.

Monday, March 8, 2010


MEB Fashion presents its new collection. It’s a Spring collection, then you’ll see flowers, shining sun, clear skyes. MariaElena put them into her 8 new clothes to welcome the forthcoming season.
You will find in it minidresses, tailleurs, jackets outfits, formal gowns, a complete line to match every need in your SL Spring.

The simple minidresses Saint Denis, black flowers on light blue background and loose leather belt, and Le Chat Rouge, with its intriguing laces on the breast and its passionate color, are paired to two jacket outfits: a classic tailleur, like Rive Droite and an original military-like one, like Tour d’Argent.
Then, the microskirts: Le Fleur du Mal comes with a deep neckline shirt on a worn-out brown skirt, and is worn with stunning varnish brown boots; varnish boots too, but liliac ones with the Petit Jardin- the small garden – flowered and fresh as a spring flower field.
Complete the collection two classy dresses like Vogue and Le Chat Noir: the first one is serious and tasty, but is made naughty by a deep neckline and precious by a big crocodile belt. Le Chat Noir is a formal gown made spicy by a gipsy-like fastener on the breast, and made elegant by a rich drapery on the waist.
The collection allows people to live Spring wearing sober and classy outfits, as usual for MEB style lovers. Most of them have French names: MariaElena did work thinking to a wonderful Spring in Paris, seeing in her imagination her outfits walking the boulevards along. MEB hopes that your fantasy will be stimulated in the same way by this new line.

MEB main store

Thursday, March 4, 2010

PurpleMoon @ Oi Magazine!

What a pleasure and honor to be part of this amazing magazine! Please take a look at the March issue of Oi Magazine, tons of good reading and get to know the story and backstage of PurpleMoon Creations. Pick up your free copy at the kiosk located in our store or read it online here!
Hope you enjoy it!!!
We wolud love to get your feedback about the article! Thank you so much!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MEB Spring Collection on the runway

Thursday, March 4th at 2 pm SLT, on the MEB Main Store runway will walk the new MEB Spring Collection, 8 great outfits to welcome the forthcoming season.

MEB Main Store