Sunday, May 31, 2009

Coming This Week From Ora Trei Designs

"Ever After" wedding or special occasion gown. Full skirt with multiple layers and optional hip feathers. "Lion-style" collar with flexible feathers. Scripted veil will be sold separately. The veil will have the option for others to lift it and say sweet words. Visit the store to see the pictures in more detail. Coming this week!


Spring has sprung and Summer is right in front of the Door. This Spring /Summer get
colorful @!MPOSSIBLE.
As I moved my Mainstore the Items shown above are a small range of what has
arrived at the moment! Of course a Gift is waiting and if you browse through the
collections you will find some surprises till Monday,1st.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Way

A dangerous and adorable lethal doll that is adored makes the most unreachable fantasy. Hot pants, jacket top, fishnets, armwarmers in net and lycra, choker(scripted), flexi skirt (modifiable)with sculpted belt and realistic leather boots with prim bows.This is a transferrable outfit.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Newly Released FromRanena Olivier Couture

After watching the move Pollock I was inspired to do something to reflect the work of this great artist. These 3 captivating gowns demand attention just like the painter himself.


The Jackson Pollock ~1 Black
This dress has 4 options. Knee length cocktail dress with lace bottom (optional for a 5th option), 2 full length slim skirts in solid black and print, and a lovely 3 tier prim skirt.

The Jackson Pollock ~2 Blue
This dress has 2 options. Knee length cocktail dress with asymmetrical bottom and a multi tiered black prim skirt, perfect for a formal night or a night of salsa dancing.

The Jackson Pollock ~3 Burgundy
This dress has 2 optional tops both with plunging necklines 1st option has beautifully sculpted sleeves, and the second is a halter to show off those lovely shoulders. This wonderful combo has 3 skirt versions a slim fit long print skirt (not shown), a flared formal flexi skirt and a feather flexi skirt to enchant every man in the room.

Choose anyone of these Jackson Pollock Dresses to fit your mood and set the town on fire…

The Delilah Gown
This stunning full length flexi gown flows like the wind and is as alluring as the lady Delilah herself. This gown comes with 2 optional tops and 3 skirt lengths, short fitted, long fitted and the flexi prim add on. You’ll find it in 3 marvelous colors Blue, Rose and Lavender. Set yourself apart from everyone in the room by wearing this stellar gown.

The Leesa Sun Dress and Cropped Pants w/ Flirty Top
This lovely flowered print sun dress is a must have for summer. The dress comes in long length and for a second option cropped jeans and flirty top. This dress is perfect for any afternoon garden party and the cropped pants option is a must for hanging out with friends during a shopping spree. This outfit comes in there captivating colors Blue, Purple and Green. Capture the attention of everyone within eye site with this graceful flowing dress.


The Rebel
This outfit is for the bad girl in all of us. Black and white skull print vest buttons up the front and hits high enough on the waist to show off your belly button ring. The black pant comes with flared sculpty bottoms and sculpty waist band to hug those dangerous curves. Don’t be afraid to let the rebel out in you….

Head down to RaMia and see all the wonderful things the Ranena Olivier Coutre Line has to Offer.

Ranena Olivier Couture@The RaMia Boutique

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Inspired by the 'Lady of Soul' Diana Ross, this gown features the clouds of chiffon which are her signature style. This sequined, form-fitting gown is ready for the dance floor or the music hall!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ranena Olivier Couture Red Tag Event

All Ranena Olivier Couture garments marked with a Red tag will be on sale for 100L or less. Thursday May 21th to Sunday May 24th. Some styles will go back to their regular price and others will be discontinued. Since its Midnight Thursday my time you get to start shopping early. So hurry down to the RaMia Clothing Boutique and catch a great deal on R.O.C. Fashion.

Ranena Olivier Couture @ the RaMia Clothing Boutique
CITIZEN V - Realistic Black Leather Trench Coat...

Realistic black leather textures and a tres chic design.. make of this trench coat a must in sophisticated girls who look for class and high quality. Jacket, pants, scuplted (modifiable) collar, cuffs with buckles, belt and flexi skirt.. check out the pictures and feel it. Fully trans!!!. ONLY AT VASSNIA MAIN STORE

Monday, May 18, 2009

RBZ Design goes Dotty!

What do you get when you mix a sunny day and Jane Russell? Colorful polka-dots! I was visiting a friend and we were watching an old black and white movie, and there was Jane Russell in a lovely polka-dot dress. I pulled out my trusty little pad and pencil, and my friend just laughed and shook his head (he's used to it).

I started with black and white (the color of the dress Jane was wearing), but the sun was shining and children were playing outside and pretty soon I was turning black and white into colors :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jorni Red

After the grey one, i've been told to add more colours. So here's the red version in Jorni. Same options, different colour.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

.::Vassnia::. iNsolEnt! - Black Leather Jacket (Male Version)

Classy black biker leather jacket! it has Sculpted&Modifiable collar, cuffs and waist band in many sizes .. and sexy, well made, classy with a touch of rebel realistic leather jacket with semiopened zipper .. show ur tats or favorite tank!!.. It's fully transfer.. and easy to adjust !. Go urban with Vassnia ;).
Male version comes with different sizes for the attachments S - M - L
Look for the matching female version of this jacket too ;)

TIP: Wear it with BOY TOY Jeans by Vassnia!

Special thanks to model Jayden Deezul

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Flights of Fancy" Line

These two new releases represent the beginning of the "Flights of Fancy" line that will carry Ora Trei Designs from Summer into Autumn.

"High View" for men, has a very rugged Aussie ton. I think it may have been inspired by the old "Crocodile Dundee" movies. The feathered/studded hat is included. "Lovebird" is a very sweet and fresh outfit inspired by the cute little birds that can't live without one another.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Slippery in four colors

A friend of mine was DJ at a club, so I TP'd over to listen. When they got there, I found out they were having a latex event. I searched my bags, and no latex. Hmmmm...

I had tried to make latex before but didn't have a lot of luck, so I decided to give it another try. I've gotten some good reviews! From my partner: "ZOOOOM Cams way in" and from my friend the DJ "OMG Ral that is HOT". Now of course, one is my partner and one is my friend, and in both cases they are male and know how men are :P So I present it to you, and we will see!

This comes in all the colors shown, and with 12 pieces is very versatile!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ranena Olivier Couture New Release

Unique,individualized designs for the woman who loves the Couture style. I offer everything from Evening Gowns to Casual Wear...Fashion is a powerful and playful form of self-expression. Explore the possibilities of expressing your individuality and mood...Take a Step Forward in Style.


The Krisha Sun Dress
This lovey Olive green flowered print sun dress is a must have for summer. The dress comes in both long and short length. This dress is perfect for any afternoon gathering or a stroll on the boardwalk. Capture the attention of everyone within eye site with this graceful flowing dress.

The Krystal Sundress
This fun colorful free flowing sun dress gives you the feel of the Caribbean. Walk through the white sandy beaches of Maui or be the hit at the pool party in this dress. You also get a bonus short skirt to flaunt your sexy legs while walking bare foot in the cool waters of the ocean.

The Sinatra Series
This multi-colored Mix and match series is perfect for any woman on the go and demands versatility. 5 color choices for the jacket with 2 options per color , sculpty and regular fit, long sleeves and short cuffed sleeves , 8 color choices for the pants with 2 options per color cropped and long length and 12 colorful tops to tie the look together (each color top sold separately).


The Reyna Gown
This sultry evening gown, is as hot as an Arabian night. It will accentuate your curves in either the sheer or opaque asymmetrical skirt. This Dress in lovey jewel tone shades of blue/green and gold is sure to draw attention from across the sand dunes. Be a Oasis for the eyes in the lovely Reyna Gown

The Ruby Gown
Speaks sassy and classy with a hint of attitude. For lady who love a bit of flare with their ensemble; The semi sheer long sleeve top with gold trim and deep cut back accentuates the long flair skirt that's short in the front for a bit of enticement. It has a second option that's short and tantalizing. Any look the lady chooses to arrive in she will surely make eyes turn and stare.

The Jasmina Gown
This sultry evening gown, is uniquely set with sheer silk fabrics and beading to bring forth the sensuality in design. Once the lady takes the red carpet she is sure to give the room pause wearing this Alluring and stylish gown

The Sheena Gown
Adorable purple and teal striped gown and matching gloves has a multitue of Elegance yet simplistic... Enchant the crowd with this lovely gown as you grace the room.

The Leah Gown
Dare I say, “jena say qua”? This elegant seafoam green silk evening gown, with a sheers silk trimmed top sets the stage for whats yet to come with this ensemble. Available in the two different skirt options The Leah gown gives the night on the town appeal, to the au van guard cocktail affair, and for the evening out at the theater. A perfect evening gown for a night at the jazz club or glamorous night on the town

The Opal Gown
This dramatic backless elegant Teal with a hint of pink over silk, evening gown; graces the body in such a way that draws and commands the attention of every eye in the room. The full length silk skirt flows gracefully with softness and gander. It also comes with a feathered skirt options that flaunts the lovely legs of the lady with pure decadence. The Opal Gown also comes with a bonus short skirt (not featured) for the cocktail hour. The Lady drape in this richly done ensemble will surely capture any audience she graces upon.

The Davania Gown
This Adorable lavender gown with embroidered fabric and cute little bow in back s a must have for your wardrobe. Davania come with 2 different tops one is a bustier and the other is a boistier with sheer fabric at the top for those ladies that are a bit modest. Command attention from the crowd with this lovely gown as you step into the room.

Head down to RaMia and see all the wonderful things the Ranena Olivier Coutre Line has to Offer. And don't for get to grab the Freebie bag.


A casual outfit perfect for the afternoon or something like that? Haha, forgive me, I totally lack the knack of great descriptions for outfits.

The Hamptons comes in a skirt, shorts, 3 different coloured long pants, top with sculptie collar and a sculptie/flexi sweater, as well as a seperate layer with 2 different colour belts.

Price: 300 L
Where: in the new hall which is on your left when you enter the main store.

x Sascha Frangilli

Boots by Enkythings & Bax

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Newest releases and Sale!

Ok this is my first post on my brand new blog, and to mark this and the opening of a new store, I have on sale all the sets shown here. The price for each set is below 50% the normal price.

Come to my new store at Fusion Crossing, don't let this one pass ;)

CIHUAE at Fusion Crossing
Just find teleporter in the Merchant Directory at the landing point

This set above, my newest, only L$140 during the sale

The sale ends on Tuesday 12th of May, midnight SLT!