Sunday, September 27, 2009

New MEB Shoes!

After the success of its Grunge Boots, MEB Fashion follows with shoes!

The brand released in these days a new line of gorgeous stilettos, colorful and originally decorated. Bright colors, ribbons, spirals, bows made of these shoes a must for the Fall dresses. Moreover, the price is an astonishing one!

For now, you will find few of them at the new MEB store at Best of Second Life Boulevard, to celebrate the opening of this new fascinating MEB home. Very soon, the whole collection will be sold at the MEB Main Store.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ora Trei Designs V.I.P. Center and Fall Releases

The new V.I.P. discount shopping center is open. Filled with quality items at a discount process, this area can be accessed only by updates group members. Items include hair, shoes, and fashion L$1 to L$200.

The second costume couture is released! "Mother Earth" folds the transition between late Summer and Fall. The third costume couture will be released at the beginning of next week. "Nychta" and "Elitist" are two more of the newest Autumn releases. Nychta is available in burgundy, violet, green, amber, or grey. Elitist comes in red, green, or blue.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ranena Olivier 2009 Fall Fashion Show

Hello Beautiful people. This fashion show is going to be such a blast it will feature most of my Fall 2009 collection.

Ranena Olivier Couture 2009 Colossal Fall Fashion Show

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Romance lives in Medievel Gowns at RBZ Design

Carefully created and rich in detail, these gowns are available in my mainstore and on XSSL.

Monday, September 21, 2009

First Round Winner at "SL Next Fashion Designer Challenge" organized by Model with Curves Fashion District

Have you ever watched "Project Runway" on TV? Well, this is what this challenge is about. We get a different task everyweek. The show takes place on Sunday where one designer is eliminated and another one wins the round. And it keeps going till they find the "SL NEXT TOP FASHION DESIGNER" There are prices involved for the designers and the models who work with us along the competition.

The first task was about designing two Voudeville outfits to be worn by Jenn & Christian, a seductive duo known as "The Sugar Dames" and also a suit design for the male band members. They will were these outfits on their next concert!!!

And.... I won the first round!!!! I still cannot believe it!!!! There are so many amazing designers in this competition that I couldn't believe it!
Let's see what it comes next! I'll keep you posted about "The Sugar Dames" Concert, and also we are displaying this awarded design at our store PurpleMoon Creations You might wanna take a look!!!

Next elimination round will be on Sunday 27th. I will post the LM as soon as I get the location.
Woot!!! This is so exciting!!!! I hope to see you all there!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Release From Ranena Olivier Couture

Hi Lovely Ladies I have some very nice new outfits to adorn your lovely bodies. Take a look at the Ads.


Jada Silver Fox

This silver fox jacket with Mink collar and cuffs screams opulence. Paired with black slacks (with sculpty bottoms) and black sweater for that sleek, chic appearance. A pair of red leather gloves to add a touch of spice & color to round out this ensemble. When a simple clothe coat just wont do… stay warm in style with Jada.

Natasha Black Mink

When perusing the streets of NY or London on a cold winter day. Do it with class and style in the lavish and lush Natasha Mink Jacket. Paired with Grey slacks (with sculpty bottoms) and red turtleneck. Again a pair of red leather gloves to add a touch of spice & color to round out this ensemble. Natasha also comes with a Russian black leather and fur hat and optional grey cropped pants with sculpty bottom. When a mere cloth jacket doesn’t make enough of a statement, the Natasha Black Mink speaks louder than words.

Matching jewelry from (Carousel Collection) custom made by J&W Jewelers (Black Onyx worn in the ad sold separately).

Snow Queen

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your Aspen hide-a-way, skiing in the Austrian Alps or meeting your ski group in Russia to plan your next adventure. Snow Queen is the epitome of winter-wear luxury. This plush white fur cape with fur-trimmed hood will have mouths drop when you enter the scene. Snow Queen has a matching knit sweater and pants to accentuate your curves. The matching pants has two options a) plain to go with the waist clenching high waist silver belt or b) pants with a hip sash clustered with white diamonds on the right hip. Dare to be a the Snow Queen Diva that you are

Matching jewelry from (Carousel Collection) custom made by J&W Jewelers (White Pearl and silver worn in the ad sold separately).


Fun, flirty and fashionable Tatum can take you from the business meeting to lunch with the ladies or directly to the cocktail party. Tatum comes with I beautiful gold silk blouse, with sculpty sleeves, high collar and waist sash. Add the matching pants cropped or full length (both with sculpted bottoms) or the lovely cocktail length skirt. What ever your mood or the occasion Tatum can handle it all and is a must have for your wardrobe.

The Urban Leather Series

Nothing speaks fall better than rich soft opulent leather. What a fun way to express yourself. The Urban Leather series consist of

Jacket: with sculpty belted collar and cuffs, and a belt to synch the waist
Regular cut pants: shorts, boot cut with sculpty bottoms and full leg pants.
Low-rise pants: shorts, boot cut with sculpty bottoms and full leg pants.

Urban Leather is sold as separates so that you can mix and match any combination you desire.

Example: Get a couple of colors like Black and Red, and mix the cuffs, collar and belt from red jacket with the black jacket, and toss on the red low-rise shorts and some thigh high Bax or Moody black boots and strut your stuff across the grid Divas. With 11 luscious colors to play with show the world your individual style and unique taste.

Colors: Aqua, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Carmel, Grape, Grey, Navy, Olive, Pink and Red.

J & W Jewelers

They have been working and they have some fabulous new pieces in the store so take a peak at this.

Head down to The Secret Gardens Sim and see all the wonderful things the Ranena Olivier Couture and the J&W Jewelers Line has to offer.

Don't forget to pick up Look-Book for R.O.C. and J&W Jewelers updates and Free Gifts

Ranena Olivier Couture

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Autumn Gown Release by Mohna Lisa Couture

Introducing Vixen, with 2 color choices
Vixen at Sunset - Soft pink highlighted by a beaded and diamenti bodice. Soft feather highlights complement the arms and left hip.. A sensual split reveals the left leg flowing down into a drapery of silk and tule tapering into a long train at the back....

Vixen at Midnight, for those that prefer more of a bold statement this gown is simply spectacular..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Introducing PurpleMoon Creations

We are new to the FDASL, invited by Potnia Theas. We would like to introduce ourselves. PurpleMoon is owned by SilverMoon Indigo and Poulet Koenkamp. We are dreamers, artists and illusionists. Our goal is to combine elegant designs with some stardust all over them. It's about magic and fantasy. About being the Cinderella in Second Life.

We are very proud of one of our first designs that became a huge success in August: Grizzelda in Black. This gown combines sculpted and flexi prims. Satin, lace and the fur collar makes this dress stand out. The circular butterflies add our signature magical touch.

Grizzelda in Black is still on special on Xstreet until September 13th. Click here!
Hope we can all meet soon!

I’m only happy when it rains…

Yes, like in the famous Garbage song, MEB customers can’t wait to see the first rain, to wear the new MEB Grunge Boots!
Raw leather, natural or black, nicely finished with stitchings and buckles, the boots are thought to pair with casual and urban MEB clothes (especially those of the new Fall Collection), but even, in a provocative way, with more elegant outfits. A third version is called Gabri, and comes in soft brown-rose leather, to pair with more cute dresses. Just in MEB main store at CZESTATE Kua Nui (71, 57, 22).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ora Trei Designs Fall Collection 2009

1st of the 2009 Fall Collection
Scene One - Make a Statement

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MEB Fashion - Fall 2009 Collection

MEB Fashion releases in these days its Fall 2009 Collection. Eight outfits matching the brand’s motto “Real Style in Second Life”.
Black or brown velvet for the Tiffany and Penny outfits’ jacket, worn on light silk skirts or on a color matching light wool kilt.
Knitwear on silk pants or skirt for the smooth colors of the light Riviera and for the dark Sorbonne, whose names recall the fresh early Fall days on the seashore or the exciting casual afternoons in Paris.
Chelsea and Avenue propose two different version of MEB urban style, with a deep brown raincoat and a simple black and pearl silk shirt and pants.
Don’t miss the cute Pearl and Rose versions of Kyoto, an outfit that follows the well known tradition of MEB minidresses, with their rich but delicate textures .
Some outfits will be presented on September 5th at the International Fashion Days hold by Glance International Agency and the whole collection will be shown at the Modavia Fashion Weeks on September 13th.